Award Winning British Medical Device Company

Focused On Women’s Health

We aim to supply safe and effective products, helping surgeons move patients from the waiting lists and back to their lives as swiftly and safely as possible. We do our job well when we can help reduce the need for hospital beds and minimising the pressure on healthcare staff.

  • Credibility & Knowledge

    JUNE MEDICAL is the first and only company in the UK with single focus on women’s health, in surgical Gynaecology and Urology, with over 70 years of experience.

  • Distributors & Innovators

    Because of our customer focus and passion for women’s health, we have been chosen to distribute for large companies, but we also develop our own products: GALAXY II and GOKit launched in 2018.

  • Close & Capable

    We are leading the way in the UK with our groundbreaking thinking in our project to increase theatre staff support while protecting the environment and cutting down on our carbon footprint.

This site has been designed for healthcare professionals. If you are a patient looking for information and/or guidance, please refer to your GP or specialist. They can ensure you get the right support and treatment.