Training Opportunity to start Thermablate in ambulatory as Thermablate 2nd Gen wins the tender in Scotland

Dear all,

Last week we were delighted to receive news that Thermablate has been awarded the tender to treat excessive menstrual bleeding in Scotland!

We believe it is for these 4 reasons:

  • Thermablate has proven results similar to Novasure (ref RCOG)
  • A short treatment time and low pain scores (2 min 6 sec, simple prep and set up)
  • Cost effective disposables and FOC capital equipment with no “service fees” or “recalibration costs” or “maintenance contracts”
  • A broader treatment range allowing larger (and smaller!) uteri to be treated safely

Want to add Thermablate to your patient choices?

To add Thermablate to your patient choices, click here to discuss with our clinical manager, and to receive info about the new WingNeedle for fundal anaesthesia, click here.

TRAINING COURSE from Shilpa Kolhe in Royal Derby Hospital for new users: 8-9 April Advanced Ambulatory Hysteroscopy , and JUNE Medical is sponsoring 2 places. Click here to register (first come, first serve).

For all of you already using Thermablate, THANK YOU! Click here to top up on your patient literature if you use them. 😊

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