Pitt researchers receive a $2.5M NIH award to create an improved repair device for pelvic organ prolapse, but our view is that we are still searching for a “better design for mesh”.

We would have hoped that research would have progressed to new, more novel concepts of treating what is a common challenge for so many women.

The simple but clever tube interconnects two CO2 gas bottles for uninterrupted gas flow, thus reducing the deflation period to zero, eliminating this patient risk completely.

FIXT The FIXT pelvic suturing device is designed for use in deep operating spaces. Its light but solid stainless steel construction brings strength and reliability. The handle and tip design reduce the risk of exposure to vessels/nerves behind the ligament. The easy-grip handle makes the FIXT™ an extension to the hand in tight spaces. The…

The latest data has been published and you find the entire report here. Here is a snippet of the incontinence slings: HAPC data 2017-2018 Last years data showed a lot higher TVT rates, and more patients on the  waiting list. Have patients dropped of waiting lists because they don’t want mesh? Or have they been…

Because we think you are superstars who do what you do, and when you heal women who suffer, we want to hug you.

JUNE MEDICAL UK is doing a research project on patient safety in laparoscopy and will publish our findings in Q1 2019. We are talking to EVERY HOSPITAL in the UK. (Yes, it is taking a long time :)) If you want to see the outcomes, email contact@junemedical.co.uk and we will add you to the list.

You may not have experienced this first hand, but here are a couple of examples of what goes on behind the scene at JUNE: 1) Recently with only 24h notice we were asked to bring a product to a hospital down south as they didn’t have the retractor type the surgeon needed for his procedure….

Laparoscopy has revolutionised abdominal surgery over the past 30 years, and 1.5 million laparoscopic surgical operations are performed in the UK annually. (Laparoscopy involves the use of cameras and specially designed instruments that enable surgeons to perform operations without making large abdominal incisions.) It has gained worldwide popularity and acceptance by surgeons and patients alike….

A few months back as Brexit started becoming an actual reality, we began collecting information from our manufacturing partners on their readiness for Brexit. We have learnt the following: A) Nobody (still) really knows what to prepare for. B) Orders will take longer to be completed. C) Prices for the UK will increase, due to…

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