WhatsApp or text the Clinical Support Team on 07903768306 for any questions during 9.00-17.00

We look forward to speaking with you, and will do our very best to support you. Click here for an overview, or on the map to find who your contact person is.

Creating support for the future of medicine in all parts of the UK

We are a modern and forward thinking team, who always try to improve, both on our service to you as well as on our skills, expertise and efficiency.

We have great dedication to the environment and work hard to reduce our carbon foot print. One way we support you without traveling around across the country using cars and airplanes is by video support.

Our mock theatre downstairs gives us the perfect set up, and we can show you everything we do, without adding people to your theatre presence! And…since we can’t actually touch anything in hospital theatres anyway, this gives you an even better experience as we can show you EXACTLY how to connect that ballon to Thermablate or re-load the Anchorsure for you!

Connect with us on 07903768306

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