The FIXT pelvic suturing device is designed for use in deep operating spaces. Its light but solid stainless steel construction brings strength and reliability. The handle and tip design reduce the risk of exposure to vessels/nerves behind the ligament. The easy-grip handle makes the FIXT™ an extension to the hand in tight spaces. The straight-line insertion means no unnecessary pushing or prodding; no counter-tension is required to hold the suture in place. The thin diameter allows a reduced dissection (surgical needles) and allows more space in a tight surgical site, for increased patient comfort.

Close up of Anchor (ANCHORSURE)


The Anchorsure applicator system is a straight and thin device for safe anchor placement at the sacrospinous ligament. It allows the operator to advance the anchor to a maximum depth of 12mm, for maximum placement control. It can be used for spinous fixation in the treatment of vaginal prolapse after hysterectomy (according to Amreich – Richter).
Other forms of fixation may need tight sutures knots around the ligament, which may compromise neurovascular structures.

In surgery, smaller is always better, if it can still do the job!

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