EndoFast provides a unique minimally invasive, laparoscopic, safe solution for attachment of mesh to the promontorium during a sacralcolpopexy using a unique technology which provide unmatched strength with minimal depth of tissue penetration.

The device is FDA cleared and CE approved. It is specifically indicated for Sacrocolpopexy, presenting a dramatic shift compared with existing Sacrocolpopexy techniques.

EndoFast™  Unique Features:

EndoFast fastening technology utilizes a unique, small fastener deployed into soft tissue, in order to attach and reinforce the tissue. This technology ensures optimal promontorium fixation.

  • Outstanding pullout force: Minimum of 1.5Kg per fastener straight after deployment
  • Limited depth of penetration: Shallow application, 2mm deep
  • Optimal mesh attachment due to spread over the mesh: only one or two fasteners needed for maximal attachment
  • MRI compatible

Safer for patients:

  • Ease of use: a preloaded tacker-like device provides consistent depth and fixation with no variation
  • Saves time: Promontorium fixation is done quickly by placing the fixation device and pressing the trigger, eliminating the need for manual laparoscopic suturing
  • Reduces risks and overall level of trauma: atraumatic design with shallow device penetration of only 2 mm minimizes the potential of blood vessels and surrounding tissue injuries
  • Allows for a strong attachment with maximum tissue engagement: even device footprint and optimal spread
Click here for Clinical evidence from Allium, the manufacturers of Endofast
FIXT from CR Bard
Anchorsure from Neomedic

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