A new standard in fluid management!

Have you considered the pressure that is building?
You have no way of measuring the pressure that is behind the fluid going into your patient.

Endoflow can help!

– Warms the fluid before use to a temperature of 38 degrees, which reduces cramping and fog on the lens.
– Maintains a steady flow and a constant pressure of fluid – aids management fluid overflow.
– Compatible with all types and sizes of fluid bags.
– Comes with a full range of tubing sets which include aspiration.

endowflow (2)

Endoflow can be used for both diagnostic and operative hysteroscopic procedures.

Endoflow is a clever fluid management system which ensures that the fluid is pumped at a continuous pressure and no nurse muscle power is needed.

You can set your pressure so that you don’t need to go above 80mmhg.
Because the flow is steady and constant you will find that you can work at a lower pressures thus alleviating pain for the patient.
The machine warms the fluid to 38 degrees – this reduces cramping and also helps reduce fogging on the lens.

The pressure will fluctuate depending on the strength of your nurse and whether they can pump the fluid long enough for you.

How often are you frustrated because your vision is blurred?

Nurse bag pump

Warm Fluid

– Reduces Fogging on the Lens, which helps with visualisation and precision for the Surgeon.

– No cramping of the Uterus which leads to better patient comfort, faster operating times and less recovery time post procedure.

Pressure Management

– Constant flow, no pulsation.
– No need for pressure cuffs.
– Gives security, helps the surgeon work at low pressure and control the dilation.
– patient safety, reduces the risk of fluid absorption.


– Easy to set up and user friendly – minimal training required.

Endoflow table


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