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Designed for native tissue repair using autologous fascia to treat female incontinence.

The facts:

Reusable. Manufactured in Spain. CE marked. Single packed.

Options for choice:

Both thin and thick needles available: 3.5mm or 5mm diameter needle passers.

2 different style of handle: T-style or slimline.

Safety in design:

For normal as well as higher BMI patients: 230mm or 280mm length.

Quality in design

Strong, solid quality steel makes for a dependable needle passer and handle in these reusable instruments for fascia repairs. Designed to fit into the procedure without changing needle trajectory or curvature, the needles come in two different diameters: 3.5mm thin or a thicker 5mm. Surgeon preference determines the choice.

Variety of patients

For patients with a higher BMI, it can sometimes be challenging to keep control and visibility of the needle as the layers are too thick: we have solved this by making the needles in two different lengths: 230mm and 280mm.

Importance of the handle

There are strong voices in support for the T-style handle, arguing that it sits better in the hand and gives a better balanced feel for the trajectory of the needle tip.

Your choice

However, those who prefer the slim line handle will point out that they feel it to be an elongation of the needle into their hand, giving them a better sense for where they are in the anatomy. Whichever one is your favourite, we have one that you will like.

Thanks to solid manufacturing ensuring no product gapping or clicking, you will feel in complete control of the procedure.

Handles and needles up close:

Varitensor procedure with fascia harvesting:

How does it work?

Needles are connected to the handle with a simple and sturdy screw function to give a secure snug connection between handle and needle.
Handles and needles are reusable and resterilisation instuctions are in the pack. The needle has a hole for the suture to pass through and connect to the fascia sling.

What is used?

Most commonly we see 2 needles and 1 handle on each tray, but we have some customers who prefer to have both long and short needles available. This ensures they always have the best length depending on their patients anatomy.

How many do we need?

Usually three complete sets are purchased, allowing for up to three patients to be treated on a list.





Fascia Handles and Needles PAS21 Passer Needle 3.5 mm 230 mm             (Thin/Short) 1
PAS22 Passer Needle 3.5mm 280 mm              (Thin/Long) 1
MPAS11 Handle 3.5 mm                                          (slimline) 1
MPAS09 Handle 3.5 mm                                          (T-style) 1
AR-03 Passer Needle 5mm 230 mm (Thick/Short) 1
PAS05 Passer Needle 5mm 280 mm (Thick/Long) 1
AR-05 Handle 5mm (T-style) 1
APAS401 Suprapubic  3.5mm 1

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