You may not have experienced this first hand, but here are a couple of examples of what goes on behind the scene at JUNE:

1) Recently with only 24h notice we were asked to bring a product to a hospital down south as they didn’t have the retractor type the surgeon needed for his procedure. As we know this would impact Patient Safety, we made arrangements to drop off the product in question! All sorted, and everyone happy. Thank you to Derek for making it happen!

Don’t be early…or late!

2) Rianne has on several occasions been rejected to come into the hospital as she has to show up exactly on the minute she has registered to arrive, or she will be blocked out. 8.29 doesn’t work, neither does 8.31…she has to log in exactly 8.30. Better not be a line up of people being booked in for 8.30!

Who knew chicken pox documentation was going to be so important?!

3) We are paying for several different theatre access systems, and the same company employee will need to have registration with several. We are all for control and education, but we would wish there was ONE system and not several companies making money on the access systems…!

Oh no…

4) Sometimes things don’t go well: a box came back to us as the customer rejected it (rightly so!!): it was flat, dirty, and looked literally like it had been run over. The shipping company at the time had “no idea” what had happened, and even after we sent them a picture of the tyre tracks across the bottom of the package they stated they were not responsible for any damage(!). Safe to say we changed back to DHL immediately!

Work life balance

5) We really enjoy our work, but it is improtant everyone has time off to do other things: we try hard to balance working time and home time. For example, there is NEVER a requirement to check emails out of hours. We don’t work with crazy short deadlines that impact on family (or friend) comittments.

That being said though…since we actually really like each other, we often chat on evenings and weekends. The banter is highly entertaining to follow….when you see our christmas jumper photo you will see why! 🙂

Most likely to

  • bring home-made lunch: Tina
  • to want to “tidy up a bit”: Emma
  • laugh out loud: Diane
  • have a cold at a team meeting: Rianne

Welcome to JUNE!

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