We are a fairly young company, and still we manage to take market share from large, established organisations with armies of staff. And, not only are we young, we are also small, contrary to popular belief!

We may come across as a company with 100 employees just in the UK, but the truth is far from that. We seem big because we are…

Effing effective

You don’t have time to wait, and we get that. We understand what it is like to work in the organisation you do, because we have been there, many of us. And that’s why we know that when you want an answer, you want one right now. Not in two weeks. So we reply within 24 hours, usually actually within an hour or two on email, and via our online whatsapp, we average 2 minutes response time.

Have short comms lines (like.none.)

We don’t do red tape, communication lines and monthly meetings…we talk. To each other, to you, to ourselves. If someone here has a question, they just ask, as simple as that. And, as a golden rule, we ask before we spend too long trying to figure it out ourselves. That means we use the experience around us, and we are better as a result.

Present (and gifted) <- pun! Get it?

When we go to congresses at RCOG, we don’t spend our time on facebook in the exhibition hall, and we are always the last to pack up and go home. We are curious, and knowledgeable – we want to learn too! We ask questions because we are wanting to know what ou think, not because we want to keep you talking so you don’t leave. We actually LISTEN to what you have to say, instead of waiting for you to stop talking so we can sell you something. We actually don’t want to sell you ANYTHING that you don’t ask for!

…and Current

We are remarkably up to date. We can tell you what the current treatment trends are, who has started (or stopped) doing a certain procedure. We have a lot of international connections to, because we have over 20 countries with distribution partners for GALAXYII. That means we know lots about what goes on in the rest of the world too. Curious about the new HESdata? If it has been more than 24 hours, we have probably already read it, AND made a nice table overview of the relevant treatment codes!

We won’t be inviting you to fancy dinners or costly launch events. We won’t be all over you with our product brochures, latest app or asking you to do our job for us by selling our products from the podium of some congress. We will just be here, trying to find the products you tell us you want, in the best possible way we can.

And if you appreciate how and what we do, we are delighted.

Because we think you are superstars who do what you do, and when you heal women who suffer, we want to hug you.

You see, for us, this is all personal. So very, very personal.

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