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The Galaxy is a self-retaining, single use, retractor system that helps provide clear visualisation, optimal exposure and access to the operative area during surgical procedures. 

The retractor system consists of a sterile disposable retractor ring and 8 sterile 5mm sharp elastic stays, additional boxes of stays are also available. The flexible and adjustable system allows for optimal angles of retraction providing better clarity and ease of use.

The stay hooks are placed into the tissue and the elastic inserted into slots on the ring providing counter traction. The slots on the ring easily secure the stays in place, but will readily release it when rapid re-position is required.

Made in Britain

Galaxy is available in 2 shapes, the Scott and Square, ensuring the retractor system can facilitate a wide range of procedures including urology, gynaecology, colorectal, tracheotomy and general surgery.

– Light weight and easy to use, the retractor is easily adjusted to the needs of the surgeon during surgery

– Stays are made from silicone and are latex free

– Two retractor shapes to allow use during a vast range of surgeries

– Provides clear visualization, optimal exposure and access to the operative area during surgical procedures

– Reducing instrument clutter at the surgical site and the number of skilled assistants required to assist retraction

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