FASCIA HANDLES AND NEEDLES are specifically designed for autonomous fascia repairs without mesh. 3.5mm or 5mm diameter, with handle introducers in reusable steel.

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ANCHORSURE is fastening device specifically designed for SSL fixation: less risk thanks to anchoring technique instead of sutures around the ligament. Less leg and buttocks pain as a result.

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REMEEX Varitensor for FASCIA is the only device that allows for life long adjustment of the fascia sling. (Used for fascia repairs, not mesh, in the UK).

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REMEEX Varitensor

ENDOFAST is the only fastening device specifically designed for SCP: less pain thanks to low profile and depth of implantation, but superior strength. More info on pull out force here

SPLITFIT to interconnect gas tubes to reduce laparoscopic procedure time and reduce risk due to lack of visibility. Here is Peterboroughs reason for equipping ALL their theatres with SplitFit.

GOKIT is a top quality single use and recyclable gynae kit for MVAs, hysteroscopy, coil etc procedures. We are just launching GOKit 2.0, another surgeon led improvement: we added a sponge-holder! Have a look and see if it can work for you. (Did we mention GOKit is cheaper than resterilizing a tray?! We know. We are amazing. ;))