Laparoscopy has revolutionised abdominal surgery over the past 30 years, and 1.5 million laparoscopic surgical operations are performed in the UK annually.

(Laparoscopy involves the use of cameras and specially designed instruments that enable surgeons to perform operations without making large abdominal incisions.)

It has gained worldwide popularity and acceptance by surgeons and patients alike. Better intraoperative visibility, minimal scarring, less pain, shorter hospital stay, and faster recovery are the main advantages of laparosocopic surgery.

The goal of every laparoscopic surgeon should be to identify the risk factors, which may adversely affect anaesthetic as well as surgical outcome.

One of these risk factors are operating time.

The average operating time for treating ectopic pregnancy and tubal disease was approximately 60 min (range 13-240). Surgery for endometriosis and ovarian cysts averaged 72 min (range 10-240). Laparoscopic myomectomy and hysterectomy averaged 113 and 131 min respectively (range 25-400).

During surgery, CO2 gas is used to inflate the abdomen, allowing for visual overview of the surgical field and space to move instruments around. If bottled gas is used, it may run out during the procedure, prompting a change of bottles. During this time (lasts anything from a few minutes up to extended time if there is a connection problem or with inexperienced staff) the abdomen deflates and the surgeon lose control of the surgical field. A bleed at the wrong time can prove fatal.

JUNE MEDICAL was alerted to this patient safety risk by Peterborough City Hospital during a conversation with Mr Bruce Ramsay, who challenged MD Angela Spang to find him a solution. Read more about that conversation here.

We launched SplitFit in autumn 2018, and are working on calling around to every operating hospital in the UK to let them know about this solution. They may chose not to implement it, but we feel that any patient risk that CAN be eliminated shoudl be considered. If you then think about the time savings SplitFit gives, it has already paid for itself after 17 bottle changing procedures*!


*based on the avergae downtime of 5 minutes per procedure and the cost of purchasing a SplitFit




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