Autologous fascia sling repairs treating female incontinence without mesh

When the mesh pause was announced, it meant our search for an alternative solution for those who do native tissue repairs had to speed up dramatically. Luckily, we were over half way in our assessments already!

Our new retropubic needle passer comes in two different diameters and two different lengths. All items are non-sterile and reusable. Handle choices are T-style or Slimline, depending on surgeon preference.

TRT Fascia Needle passers

This product is for those who already have experience and skill with fascia slings, and who are looking for a high quality, purpose designed instrument to pass autologous fascia slings retropubically. You can call our VideoRep for a quick visual of the handle and needle options on WhatsApp Video 07898780418 (9-17, weekdays)

Fascia Needles and Handles

Cost: Between £120 – £490 (non-sterile and reusable)

Delivery: Next day


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