REMEEX Varitensor

For Lifetime sling adjustability: REMEEX Varitensor™ for fascia slings

Over 10 years ago, a woman had a varitensor inserted in the UK and she has been continent ever since. Last month she had an adjustment done at Birmingham Women’s hospital to adjust the tension in the support under the urethra, thanks to the small varitensor implant in her abdomen.

Remeex is an absolute game changer in incontinence surgery:

The concept of “tension free” has been taken one step further into the present, where we now are able to adjust the fascia sling in a standing position, days, months and many, many years into the future.

Click here for videos of insertion, adjustment and long term readjusting.


“Dynamic pressure transmission system

When coughing, the patient advances the rectus muscle, advancing the varitensor, and increasing the sling urethral support while it’s needed. This reconstructs the intra abdominal pressure transmission system of normal continent patients. The readjustment is made while the patient is standing up and doing the efforts that drives her to incontinence.”


Remeex Product Code: SREM01

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