“The Thermablate™ EAS™ system consists of a handheld automated device. It uses a single-use disposable catheter balloon cartridge that contains 28 ml of a biocompatible treatment fluid inside the cartridge. The treatment control unit heats the fluid to a temperature of 173°C in 8 minutes before starting the treatment. The device is then inserted into the uterine cavity and the silicone balloon is inflated within the cavity and it is set to a pressure level of 220 mmHg and the treatment cycle starts. Total treatment time is 2 minutes and 6 seconds.

This device is usually used in regular cavities of 8–12 cm sound length. The external diameter is 6 mm. therefore it requires less dilatation than Novasure® in most cases. Balloon endometrial ablation devices can cause pain by uterine distension during treatment under local anaesthetic.

The main two systems used in the UK currently are bipolar radio frequency energy (Novasure®) and balloon thermal ablations (Thermablate® ). Overall 1 year patient satisfaction rates are 85%, with 15–30% amenorrhoea rates with small variations among the various ablative devices. No endometrial priming is usually required.

A demonstration video for the procedure is available here (link is external).”

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