Pitt researchers receive a $2.5M NIH award to create an improved repair device for pelvic organ prolapse, but our view is that we are still searching for a “better design for mesh”.

We would have hoped that research would have progressed to new, more novel concepts of treating what is a common challenge for so many women.

Menorrhagia is defined as a complaint of heavy cyclical menstrual bleeding over several consecutive cycles. It is a common problem and accounts for 35% of consultations in gynaecology outpatient departments. Hysterectomy, traditionally the definitive treatment for menorrhagia in approximately 60% of cases, is a major operation with potential morbidity and mortality. Alternatives include medical treatment,…

The simple but clever tube interconnects two CO2 gas bottles for uninterrupted gas flow, thus reducing the deflation period to zero, eliminating this patient risk completely.

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