Problem: Patient Harm

When CO2 bottles run out during surgery, switching them takes anything from a few minutes up to 15-20 minutes*.

The UK performs 1.5MILLION abdominal laparoscopic procedures annually.

During these crucial minutes’ mid surgery, the surgeon has no visibility and no control over the surgical field, and a bleed can be fatal.

Magnitude: Very common

According to research carried out in 2019, over 90% of UK theatres have bottled gas. The risk of an uncontrolled bleed during the switch over time is ever present. The time to switch is usually only a few minutes, but it can be as long as up to an hour according to published data. 

  • Expensive: Every minute a Theatre stands still it costs £15 per minute.

Solution: SplitFit interconnector

The simple but clever tube interconnects two gas bottles for uninterrupted gas flow, thus reducing the deflation period to zero, eliminating this patient risk completely.

Additional benefits: Cost saving

Research also shows that CO2 bottles are switched out prematurely (before they are empty) to ensure surgeons have a full bottle when the procedure starts.
When bottles are returned for refill, they have to be emptied before they get refilled again, a waste of both time and resources.

In addition, the theatre will speed up operating time thus further reduce both cost and risk for patients under general anaesthesia.

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