Alyte™ Y-Mesh Graft is the new solution for Sacrocolpopexy procedures. A lightweight solution optimised for procedural efficiency.

diagramA mesh construct designed for Sacrocolpopexy procedures, the Alyte™ Y-Mesh graft is a pre-formed Y-shaped, large-pore, polypropylene graft that provides a natural repair, with a lightweight mesh knitted with differential stretch characteristics that will help ensure both repair strength and compliance.
Knitted Joint
Anterior and Posterior flaps are knitted together at the curved apex before transitioning into the sacral flap, minimising material bulk at this transition zone.

Graft Shape
Alyte™ Y-mesh graft dimensions provide for sufficient vaginal coverage and tailored width at the sacral portion to accommodate for the sigmoid colon. The graft can be further tailored to the patient without the mesh unravelling.

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