SplitFit is a solution derived from a patient safety project we worked on with Peterborough City Hospital. It interconnects CO2 bottles, eliminating downtime during laparoscopic procedures.

  • When: Laparoscopic abdominal procedures.
  • Why: Reducing the surgical risk of the abdomen deflating when tubes run out of gas, potentially losing overview and access to the surgical field during re-inflation time.
  • How: Reusable. CE marked. Single packed.
  • Who: All theatres with bottled CO2 gas. Fits standard UK connectors.

“If there is a risk that CAN be eliminated, it SHOULD be eliminated. Patient Safety is our first priority.”

Safety for patients

An uncontrolled or unidentified bleed at the wrong time can be fatal if the surgeon cannot quickly access or visualise the surgical field. SplitFit allows uninterrupted control of the procedure, from start to finish, thus reducing the risk of adverse events.

Quality in design

Strong, solid quality makes for a dependable structure in these reusable instruments for gas tube management. Designed to fit standard connections in UK operating theatres and treatment rooms, SplitFit will make your gas tubes go longer between interruptions to change to a new one.

Peace of mind for surgeons

Surgeons can focus on proceeding efficiently with the procedure, without the delay of tube switches. There is no need to pause or delay the next appropriate move, as the previous risk of deflation will be eliminated.

Installing a SplitFit will save time in theatres

As a gas bottle becomes empty, the abdomen deflates, and it takes anything from a few minutes up to significant time to get the bottle changed over and for the abdomen to reinflate again.

EXAMPLE: If it takes on average 5 minutes, it would mean that after 17 occasions, SplitFit has paid for itself (based on average OR cost of £15 per minute). With the average hospital doing several laparoscopies a week, it doesn’t take long.

Installed at Peterborough City Hospital as part of a Patient Safety initiative 2018

In March, we reached out to a number of hospitals to ask for their problems. Our question was: “What is irritating you in surgery for women’s health that you wished you had a solution for?”

Mr Bruce Ramsay and his team at Peterborough City Hospital responded to tell us about their problem with gas cylinders during their laparoscopy procedures. A few weeks later, they could test out a solution, and have now proceeded to purchase six SplitFit Connectors for their gas bottles in theatres.

Here is what happened: Read more…

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