AJUST™ – The Only Post-Insertion, Fully Adjustable, Single-Incision Sling.

For most single-incision slings, adjustment means further insertion. For AJUST™ Adjustable Single-Incision Sling, adjustment means freedom.

The freedom to tighten the sling. The freedom to loosen it. And the opportunity to find the right setting for the sling-without additional insertion.

The AJUST™ Adjustable Single-Incision Sling includes:

– A fully adjustable sling with self-fixating polypropylene anchors;

– An introducer designed to consistently place the sling in the obturator membrane in a safe and secure manner (due to its curvature and length);

– A flexible stylet used to lock the sling after adjustment.

The AJUST™ system sling assembly features two anchors, one fixed and one adjustable, and is constructed with a sub-urethral section as well as unique adjustment mesh that slides in either direction through the anchor. Together these features offer reliable placement and create bi-directional adjustability, allowing the user to tighten and loosen the sling without further insertion of the anchors.

AJUST™ – A revolution for physicians. A perfect fit for patients.

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