Avualta Solo™ Synthetic Support system is an easier, more efficient and greater.
Key features:
– More anatomically correct needles.
– A less traumatic, extendable exteriorisation system.
– Moulded handles deployed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand.
– Precise. Improved needle geometry = easier placement at the level of the ischial spine.
– Extendable. Patent pending InSnare™ arm capture system for correct depth of placement without the need to exteriorise the needle cannula.

Instruments –
Anterior InSnare™ Introducer –

Posterior InSnare™ Introducer –

Avualta Solo™ Synthetic Support system mesh has a midline markings for easier and more accurate placement.

The Anterior graft is a dimensionally stable arm section and a lightweight, porous centre with dual-knit mesh allowing tissue ingrowth and revascularisation while maintaining a low mesh load.
The Posterior Graft is accurate, with improved implant geometry for an anatomically correct repair and new proximal apical flap, for additional support of vaginal apex.

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