Nuvia™ SI prolapse repair system is the only single incision solution to offer true adjustability on all arms of the graft.
Single incision pelvic organ prolapse repair began the revolution with the benefits of less incisions, less complexity and less morbidity.
– Easy. A single incision made even simpler with a one-piece construction and familiar instrumentation.
– Adjustable. Bi-directional adjustability means surgeons can modify position and tension until everything is just right.
– Strong. Secure anchoring into proven spaces.
– Singular. A single incision solution with true, four-point fixation.

anterior posterior
The Nuvia™ SI prolapse repair system features bi-directional adjustability, utilizing the unique tubular mesh arms and the Ajust™ anchor system.
Simply place Nuvia™ SI prolapse repair system then tighten or loosen the graft until optimal setting is achieved- Once the graft is in position, secure everything into place with the securement rings and mesh lock using the deployment tool and the flexible stylet.


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